Tom Misch and the Brexit of the Music Scene Article: Tom Misch and the Brexit of the Music Scene

Tom Misch and the Brexit of the Music Scene

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Britain’s departure from the European Union isn’t the only Brexit of 2016. Several Britain-based musicians have started to kick their careers into high gear, a few garnering success worthy of international tours. Some have included cross-pond trips to the U.S., earning the movement my the label of the music industry’s Brexit.

Perhaps the artist that best exemplifies this phenomenon, and who achieved arguably the year’s greatest ascent, is 21 year-old singer/songwriter/producer/DJ Tom Misch. His 2016 culminated in a whirlwind tour that just wrapped this past Saturday in Amsterdam.Tom Misch and the Brexit of the Music Scene

Tom started to attract real attention last year as listeners were drawn to the modern smooth jazz/soul vibe of his ‘Beat Tape 2’ album. Between the hypnotic beats, violin, catchy vocals, and Tom’s riffs on guitar, it doesn’t take long to get hooked. Songs like ‘Falafel’ have the potential to make you feel instantly cooler. Add that to an interesting mixture of vocalists like mainstay Carmody (discussed later as a solo artist) and other up-and-coming British artists such as Loyle Carner and Zak Abel, and the twists and turns as you explore Tom’s music tend to lead to pleasant discoveries. The best of all discoveries will be saved for later.

New York City

The date that best represents how far Tom and his traveling companions have come was November 4th 2016. That night, Tom opened the tour in New York City at the Mercury Lounge. In a venue perfectly sized for the few hundred people fortunate to take in Tom’s U.S. debut, the aforementioned Carmody opened her set alongside Tom’s sister, Laura, who was on sax and vocals. Carmody (which is really her middle name used as a stage name) exhibited her powerful voice on ballads like ‘Skin’ and what at the time was a soon-to-be-released ‘The Light of Me.’Tom Misch and the Brexit of the Music Scene

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