Who Am I

To make it the easiest to “get” me, I’ve divided myself up into 3 main ways, as reflected on this site:

  1. Jeremy the overall person. I’m a father, husband, writer, athlete, entrepreneur, traveler, and overall observer of people and life. Check out any personal writing I’ve done.
  2. Jeremy the HR Technologies/CEO. My company, Hive Tech HR, consults on HR Technology, and you can check out all my business writing.
  3. Jeremy the Ear4Talent. This is my big splash in the world of music as a journalist and radio show host. Come join in the weekly fun at E4TRadio.

Other things to check out when you’re bored.

  • my book, The ETA Exchange, about a Fulbright teacher that gets wrapped in a world of terrorism
  • me on twitter, facebook and linkedin: click on the social links at the bottom

img_0983Jeremy Ames