Who Am I

To make it the easiest to “get” me, I’ve divided myself up into 3 main ways, as reflected on this site:

  1. Jeremy the overall person. I’m a father, husband, writer, athlete, entrepreneur, traveler, and overall observer of people and life. Check out any personal writing I’ve done.
  2. Jeremy the HR Technologies/CEO. My company, Hive Tech HR, consults on HR Technology, and you can check out all my business writing.
  3. Jeremy the Ear4Talent is my big splash in the world of music as a journalist and radio show host. Check out some of my writing including articles on Bandsintown.

Other things to check out when you’re bored.

  • my book, The ETA Exchange, about a Fulbright teacher that gets wrapped in a world of terrorism
  • me on twitter, facebook and linkedin: click on the social links at the bottom

img_0983Jeremy Ames