Small Improvements Expert Panel – Helping Managers Become Great

I served on an expert panel and then Small Improvements wrote a blog about it. Some text below and you can read the blog post and access the recording here.

By Elle Morgan

One of our goals here at Small Improvements is to help managers become better managers. In an effort to do so, we’re setting out to learn from our customers and peers. Through conversations, panel sessions and questionnaires, we’re learning and crafting guidance materials to share our findings.

As part of this endeavor, we’re rolling out a roadshow series to bring the community together and exchange ideas. We hosted our first panel session last week at Maxwell Health in Boston. Sessions in New York and San Francisco are next. If you’d like to contribute, please share your experiences here, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Boston panel session brought together a mix of experienced managers and HR leaders to debate on how to help managers become great. The small crowd setting served as a perfect medium for roundtable conversation and questions. Below you can read some snippets, or listen to the full session recording.

Read the blog post and access the recording here.