Improving the Employee Experience with Technology -SHRM NextChat Recap

I guest hosted NextChat in July and Avanti did this nice write up of the chat.

Full article here.

As more and more companies implement self-service and mobile access, employees are asking for a better customer experience. From how they first find and apply for a job at your company to every interaction while they onboard, they want the tools provided to be simple and intuitive. HRIS solutions are no longer just for Payroll, HR and Finance – they touch every facet of an organization.

Our team is passionate about the employee experience. A couple weeks back, we attended the @SHRMnextchat that tries to answer the question, ‘How do you improve the employee experience with technology?’

There was some great question and answer dialogue going on between the participants and guest contributor @TheHCMGuy, Jeremy Ames. Here is a summary of the tweets and insights we thought were worth sharing.

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