How Technology Is Reinventing the HR-IT Relationship

How Technology Is Reinventing the HR-IT Relationship

By Mark Feffer

Today, about half of all HR systems reside in the cloud, according to recent data from Sierra-Cedar. That reality has led HR in many organizations to become more likely to “own” its technology, while IT’s role is limited to ensuring that tech solutions meet the company’s requirements in security, systems integration and other technical areas. IT now assumes a more consultative role rather than acting as decision-makers, says Jeremy Ames, CEO of Hive Tech HR, an HR systems consultant in Hopkinton, Mass.

​Illustration by Mike Austin for HR Magazine When Katherine Mancuso joined telecom provider ShoreTel as vice president of human resources, one of the first projects she tackled was introducing a new onboarding system. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company wanted to provide its increasing number of remote employees with a system […]

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Mark Feffer is a freelance business writer based in Philadelphia.