55 Talent Acquisition Experts on Top Recruiting Trends for 2017

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My Quote:

“Recruiting will either invite or incite the bots. To be clear, the ‘trend’ is the increase of the bots and other automation in the world of Recruiting. Chat bots can be expected to transition from a 2016 buzz phrase to more of a reality in 2017. Don’t worry, we’re not at true robots yet (at least in recruiting, anyway). However, the ability to serve up information to an active candidate in a conversational way without the need for human interaction will be important. It supports the desire of interested candidates to get as much information about a company before applying. Other applications of bots will also be identified, and we’re working with some of the software vendors to match business need to requirements. Automation in general will be a huge trend for Recruiting in 2017, with some of the more mundane tasks such as resume review being prime candidates for automation.” Jeremy Ames, CEO, Hive Tech HR